Triangle Camera Bag Series

트랜디한 삼각형 디자인의 기능성 제품

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Professional Sinno Tripod

최고의 안정감이 돋보이는 전문가용 카메라 삼각대

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Backpack & Sling Camera Bag

등산, 여행 등 아웃도어 활동에 적합한 제품

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카메라가방, 삼각대 전문 브랜드 CASEMAN, Sinno 제품 전문 쇼핑몰

유럽과 미주인들이 선호하는 호주 브랜드 Caseman 카메라가방과 Sinno 카메라 삼각대를 전문적으로 판매하는 Caseman 한국총판 쇼핑몰!

Innovative ideas (혁신적 아이디어)

Caseman는 시각적으로나 또는 기능면으로나 세련된 패션 카메라 가방을 만들기에 노력하며, 타사 브랜드와 차원이 다른 전문 카메라 가방 브랜드로 발전해가고 있습니다. Caseman은 카메라 가방 업계에서 직업, 편안함, 스타일, 패션에 선도적인 역활을하며 여러가지 다양한 특수 시리즈 카메라 가방을 디자인하고 제작하고 있습니다.

Exterior design

Caseman's simple but fasion design mix with a little Euro style, individual sideline and angle make it looks strong,quick take out design can save your time during your pressing shooting period.multifunction is what we Caseman people pursuing to,if you buy a Caseman camera bag, it means you have camera bag+computer bag+travelling bag.

Climbing camera bags be published

Caseman broke the tradition again,mix the climbing bags and camera bags together launch of new AO series outdoor climbing camera bags,it use super light but high density water-proof nylon material,with high density removable inner tank,perfectly mix climbing bags together with camera bags,make it simple,individual and multi-function,it's the best choice for outdoor travel and photography .

Initiate triangle bags design

The triangle bags's design idea comes from Sydney Opera House the CBD of Australia,once it was lauched to the market,it makes a miracle as the Pyramids of Egypt,be the miracle of photography area,Lead the development trend of the today, the triangle bags is much popular,it profit from Caseman's innovation.

New integration anti-theft shoulder girdle design

Caseman is the first to use integration anti-theft shoulder girdle design,it's not only anti-theft, but also relieve the pressure.

Original creation packpack system

Caseman dedicate to hommization design,including the backpack system,every Caseman backpack bags has sepcial backpack system,a good backpack system not only can make you feel comfortable,but also have ventilation and heat dissipation function.

Break the style which said "black first"

Caseman is the first to use Dirty Lime,Flame Orange,Sky Blue etc. multi-color.leading the camera bags to a new fasion road,make it professional but stylish..

2014 신제품 입하 MODEL

디자인과 기능, 실용성이 한층 더 업그래이드된 제품들을 선보입니다.

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